About Us

About Us

American Muscle, founded in 2017 was formed not as a business, but an initiative born from passion for Bold Muscular American Performance Cars. Our founder’s love for cars has driven him to the far corners of the globe in search of the ultimate thrill and experience of driving & owning high-performance cars. However, American Muscle Cars truly stole his heart and it was this everlasting dream to be able drive & own these beasts as a daily driver on Indian soil that sowed the seed for American Muscle to be born.

How does this work….

To make owning a muscle car a reality American Muscle has not only collaborated with the high-performance auto makers like Ford, Chevy, Cadillac, Shelby, GMC, Dodge & RAM, but also set up its own conversion facilities worldwide. Our Facilities & the entire conversion process is in complete compliance and as per the specifications and stringent standards of each manufacturer. Each model of car has a specialised console and testing module specifically designed by the manufacturer for American Muscle to ensure the cars are built & delivered as per their standards.

Once a customer selects a vehicle, it is purchased in the United States as per their specifications and shipped to our facilities to be converted from Left Hand Drive to Right Hand Drive. Once converted these vehicles are passed through quality control checks as per the manufactures standards. Only when the manufacturer is completely satisfied do they approve the vehicle and American Muscle goes ahead with the import proceedings.

As per the manufacturers standards….

Our cars come with a complete manufacturer warranty to the extent that they are fully certified post conversion, to perform and adhere as per their standards.


Additionally, American Muscle has tied up with multiple muscle car specialist worldwide to provide a level of customization and uniqueness that a bespoke customer would want. We strictly believe that no two cars should be the same and American Muscle will go to any extent to provide the bespoke nature of a custom-built vehicle.


Once the car is imported American Muscle delivers the converted vehicle to your doorstep as any luxury & high-performance manufacturer would without the hassle associated with importing a car i.e. Import customs Duties, Registration, etc. associated with importing a car.

Post Delivery & Ownership

Our complete network of establishments ensures a seamless and trouble-free ownership experience. We have a specialised & fully trained maintenance department which consist of worldwide specialist & resident maintenance crew who not only look into the ever-increasing performance aspects but the reliable day to day running of your vehicle. You can be rest assured that we at American Muscle looks after our clients with complete honesty & integrity.

American Muscle is not a business, but an initiative to bridge the gap between the growing demand for American 'Muscle Cars' and delivering them across India with zero hassles. So don't just trip on the thought of owning those beasts. For those who love pure muscle, here is your chance to unleash the beast within you.

Here's how we roll

Choose from a dynamic range of cars from top brands like GMC, Cadillac, RAM and many more which are purchased from the respective manufacturer, converted to right hand drive in our facility, modified in compliance with the respective companies, imported legally by paying duty and taxes and delivered in mint condition at your doorstep. All you do is sit back and enjoy your ride.


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